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Go Selling

Go Selling



Go Selling

Indian education, in its current form, hasn’t proved to be enough training for the incoming workforce. Traditional college or university pedagogy are mostly outdated or no way relevant to the current job market scenario.

While the reason for such a situation can be many, primarily what we have observed missing are (a) personalized approach to education, training and development (b) Poor teaching quality (c) Minimal partnership/ interaction with industry and (d) lack of focus on research & development.

It’s like a building with all necessary elements but with poor knowledge in construction. In the event of any attempt to construct, it would be a complete waste and will fall flat in no time. This is exactly what we have observed working with people across industries & geographies. Whether it is a small entrepreneurial or a large multinational, owing to a lack of focus and availability of skilled workforce performance suffers significantly. We have people join the job market as a generalist and fresh out of college. The clarity of what job to take and whether it really aligns to his/her personal goal is a distant dream for most of the people down the level. Despite our acclaimed and elaborate educational system, somewhere we have failed to acknowledge the skill required for the current market.

We feel, there is a need for a platform to bridge this gap and connect the knowledge seekers to knowledge givers.



Our Team – Proponent of empowerment & accountability

Dishari as the name itself says, “One who shows the way”. consists of seasoned professionals from various walks of life having worked across different industrial setups for over decades. Individually we have spearheaded large projects, steered through complex business challenges and made several high-stake decisions using experience backed judgements, strong work ethics, irreproachable integrity.



Our Philosophy – Perfect Partnership.

Offer value upfront. We take an active interest in learning your business first, understand and access your challenges & pain points, opportunities and innate strength that you may have but not exploited.Source andimplement effective training solutions, from within our organisation or beyond. Supplypractical follow-up processes to ensure Sustained Behavioural Change. Continue to giveexceptional value and grow the client relationship.



Our Society is built on Salesmanship

Take any simple product- the paper of your favourite story book for example. A salesman sold the paper to the printer. A salesman sold the machinery to the paper manufacturer. A salesman sold the chemicals that were needed in the treatment of the finished product. A salesman sold the vehicle that transported the paper to the printer. A salesman sold the wood pulp to the paper manufacturer. A salesman sold the sawing and chipping equipment that reduced the wood to pulp. A salesman sold to the manufacturer the equipment and the tools that he needed to make the pulping machinery. It does not take much imagination for you to see that a salesman was involved in every step of production, either creating business or comparing with other salesman to obtain the orders, each for his own organization.

Until something is sold nothing happens

Through salesmanship we satisfy man’s needs, create new possibilities for business and make jobs available for thousands of other people. All great things start with an idea. Selling is the motivation of people through ideas. Our society is prosperous because of salesmanship. The salesman is in a profession that is creative and satisfying to those who realise the opportunity and reach out confidently for success. Hence Go Selling!

Our Corporate Solution:

Since our core team and members associated with us as subject matter experts come from a broad spectrum of industrial set-up, we have the required expertise to work out exclusivelytailor-made training modules for your organization.

  • Salesmanship; the challenge & responsibility
  • Winning attitudes
  • Imagination, the power force
  • Unlock your real potential
  • Goals and why we set goals
  • Goal setting and planning
  • The buying path
  • Awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, purchase
  • Needs and wants
  • Buying appeals (Consumer )
  • Buying appeals ( industrial)
  • I’m Ok, you’re OK
  • A guide to buyer profile
  • Start the day right
  • The law of maximum and minimum return
  • FABing
  • The FATHE qualities
  • Power of Listening
  • The Salesman as a teacher
  • Counsellor selling
  • Salesman as communicators
  • The sense of communication
  • AICDA and many more ………………


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